Our company has been providing reliable transportation to individuals and companies around the United States. From charter buses to limousines; our company can create a travel package that will fit not only your passenger group size but your budget as well.
Our commitment to service, our professionalism is why we have thousands of regular clients that rely solely on our company for their chartered transportation needs.

Any time is a good time to organize a trip or business function in Connecticut!

Why? Well, for one, Connecticut is a small but wonderfully charming state which is home to several large cities. It offers you a combined mixture of rural gorgeous scenery, enchanting history and world class museums, historical sites and not-to-be-found-elsewhere Native American Casinos. Limo Bus CT customers love to visit the state, regardless of the season or weather. On top of that, the cost of living is low compared to other large states.

Limo Bus CT is a charter bus and limousine rental company that serves not only Connecticut but we have a wide network of charter bus and limousine rental service providers who are always ready to serve you. With Limo Bus CT's experience, you are assured of a safe, comfortable and luxurious ride, no matter where you are. Our bus and limousine drivers have all been sent for professional training and will respect your right and maintain proper decorum. Limo Bus CT prides ourselves for being one of the few charter bus companies in Connecticut that can provide you with jaw-droppingly competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our buses and service.

Cities to visit in Connecticut. Some of the cities in CT is not to be missed – for example, the bustling city of Hartford will charm your socks off effortlessly while Bridgeport is worth a stop too. If you are looking for amazing scenery and view, Danbury is the place for you. Creative, unique and enchanting is New Haven; in the meantime, you will not regret taking the rental bus or limousine that you have just rented from Limo Bus CT to Greenwich, a quaint city with lots to do for kids and grown-ups alike.

Looking for beaches? Connecticut offers kids fantastically long stretches of long beaches too, if you are not aware of that. Take the rented charter bus or limousine to Cummings Park, Pleasure Beach, Sherwood Island State Park and the Cummings Park for a relaxing time out with your family and friends. Every year, Limo Bus CT customers will repeatedly rent a bus from us for outings like that.

Oodles of food. Foodies, take heart that when you head downtown in any city within the state of Connecticut, you can find good food at every corner. From French cuisine to Cuban, from Chinese to Jamaican, from Malaysian to Indian...you could spend weeks simply sampling all the wonderful dishes and bring home amazing memories with you.


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